Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!

Ok, last weekend I went up to Boston to suprise L-Star for her birthday and to visit with some of my other friends from Maine. The bestest part was that L didn't know I was coming so I got to suprise her!

Dance Fever

So, upon arriving in Boston, Samson picked me up from the airport and took me to a mall near where he works so I could study (yeah right, hello, can anyone say shopping!) Then when he got out of work we made the trek up to Salem where they live. Let me just say Salem is super cute. When we got to the Star's residence I got to go in first, I think it is safe to say that L was surprised, even in a good way! After imbibing several glasses of wine and welcoming Ken-Star, one of my personal favorites from law school, we waited for L's other friends and then set off to the bar.

L's friend Katie is just about the cutest thing you will ever see, so of course, after having SEVERAL Jack and diets I felt obliged to agree to dancing with her. I believe we danced much of the night away. And, when I could not find anyone to dance with, I prompted danced with a column that was nearby the dance floor. I believe it was Samson that said they were bleaching the column down as we were leaving... yeah, I was getting kinda freaky...

Please enjoy some pics:

One of my personal favorites:

Girl on Girl Action

So, I was super tired by the time the dancing was all done and we got back to the Star's house. Unfortunately there is just one little couch with which to sprawl out on (this is my justification anyhow). Me and Ken-Star proceeded to change into our PJs and do some snuggling:

Yeah, I think we laid like that for about 45 min, we were quite an attraction, but honestly it was just super comfy!


I believe we all know that I have the maturity level of a 12 year-old boy, please keep that in mind. So, we woke up Saturday morning (L-Star, Samson-Star, and Ken-Star) and walked to a nearby diner to get some breakfast. I went in my PJ's, which consisted of my MaineLaw sweatshirt and bright green thermal pants with Eeyores all over them. While we were at the restaurant I decided it would be super fun to "blow" my straw wrapper at Samson by way of ripping a piece of the wrapper off the straw and then blowing in one end, thus shooting the straw wrapper off the end of the straw. (You all know what I mean, right?) I saw the outcome of my actions having a different end result. Instead of hitting Samson in the face with my straw wrapper, it shot past his face and landed on the gentleman behind him. Now, had the diner patron been wearing ANYTHING else, it probably would have been fine, but as the case may be, he was wearing fleece. As most of you may now, fleece is as close to velcro as material can get, so OF COURSE, the straw wrapper stuck to his jacket and was sticking straight out. I thought I might die. Fortunately enough, the gentleman didn't notice. Unfortunately, the waitress was taking his order at the time, and I find it difficult to believe that she could have missed it. I was trying to contain the laughter that had stemmed from my extreme humiliation while L-Star was begging Samson to "fix it." Samson (the star that he is), merely reached over, plucked the wrapper off the gentleman while muttering "excuse me." Ahhh, to be a mature adult...

Ice, Ice, Baby

So, this particular weekend the town of Salem was doing some thing with all these ice sculptures. All sorts of establishments had ice sculptures outside their doors. We got to see lots of them on the walk home.

Also, on the way home I stopped to get my pic taken in a witch cut out, when all of a sudden a girl in Eeyore PJ pants walked by, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?!? Had to get a pic of that too.

Then there were the pirates climbing the wall, Samson gave it his best effort:

Quincy, Mass

Ken-Star and I drove out to Quincy to see a couple of friends. It was a good time, but unfortunately the Star's got a little on the "lost" side when they came to get me. There was a couple of tense moments on our trip to IKEA, but it was still super fun. At one point I decided to call 411 to get the address for IKEA so that I could plug it into my GPS (thank God for GPS!). The 411 operated asked me what city, I told him, then he asked how he could help.

Me: "I would like the number for IKEA, please."

Him: "I have a number for IKEA on IKEA Way."
Me: pause, pause, "Ah, that sounds promising, lets try it."

Him: chuckles, "Have a nice night..."

Later that night we went to a brewery for dinner and picked up some 40's on the way home. We spent the evening drinking our 40's and watching Orangatan Island and Scrubs. Samson and I sat back and watched L-Star assemble their new chair. Nice job, L!

The next morning we went and got donuts before Samson took me to the airport.

Thanks for such a fun trip guys!!!

PS- pretty pissed that I left my coat there just in time for the ice storm that we had here yesterday!


Sam said...

ah, to be immortalized on the inter-tubez. thanks for visiting, i got $37.65 for your jacket on ebay. thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I loved Salem when Jeff and I went right after our wedding. Looks like you had a great time with your friends! :-)

Anonymous said...

No, not anonymous, just stupid.....
So, how come I don't know how to identify myself??? It shouldn't be this difficult, should it???

Ma said.....

Anyway, loved the post of your trip. It was made even funnier when pairing it with Samson's!!!